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This piece was created by Merritt and her Dragon (a mobile glassblowiong studio) located in her backyard.
When working with hot melted glass I try to keep an open mind because the glass sometimes wants to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it works out and I like to call them happy accidents but sometimes it doesn't and it goes into the sad trash bucket. With this piece I originally wanted to create a pumpkin.... you wonder how a pumpkin became a vase? Well when working with millefiori it needs to be hot enough to be picked up by hot glass without cracking. It was my first time heating it up with a hotplate and wouldn't you know it the darn thing blew the fuse so everything shut off; dragon, annelaer, lights, everything. As my husband and I scrammbled to find the fuse, the glass is cooling down and hardening. We get the shop back on and running, I begin to work and a normal pumpkin gather turned into a good sized vase gather. That is why you need an open mind when working, pumpkins turn into vases.

Dimensions are 5.75""x 3.75"

Each piece is signed on the bottom with MAD and the year it was made into this world.
MAD Thanks

Millefiori Vase

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