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Have you ever wanted a custom painting of your pet or a memorable photo in a fun and colorful way? Look no further! M.A.D. can take your favorite photograph of an animal, human, cityscapes, even landscapes and create a pop art painting.


Type of surface is a 100% cotton canvas with a gallery edge (3/4"). Once simplified, your photograph is drawn onto the canvas. Then the fun part begins, applying COLOR! Acrylic paint is applied to the canvas to transform squiggly lines into a masterpiece. If there are certain colors you love or hate please let me know and I can accommodate your request.


*If you have more than one image you would like on your canvas, there is an additional charge sent via PayPal after your completed purchase. Once you've purchased the size of painting you would like, I will be contacting you within 1-3 business days to recieve your image(s). M.A.D. portraits take about 2-3 weeks to complete.

Free pick up, shipping or local drop off is available.


MAD Thanks

Custom Portrait 30" x 40"

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